The internet is a wonderful place: full of surprises, cat videos, free information, and apps that make our lives many times easier. However, the internet is also a place where misinformation spreads easily, such as rumors and myths about new topics that show up in the markets. CBD has succumbed to various forms of misinformation and hear-says. Though there’s still a lot to know about CBD, LivingTree will gladly bust 5 common myths about CBD and its products.


  • CBD makes you high.

This is the most common myth that revolves around CBD. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, but it will not get you high.  CBD is not a mind-altering compound like other cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis such as THC. Consuming a large amount of THC will cause the high most people fear when they first discover CBD products, however, CBD products only contains 0.3% of THC, which is not enough to get you high.

  • CBD is addictive.

Anyone can get addicted to anything, but CBD itself does not have an addictive compound. A 2017 study weighed the likelihood of abuse between CBD and THC. The study concluded that CBD was a safer compound to take in contrast to THC. THC can be addictive.

In fact, studies show that CBD may help addiction. In this 2013 report, evidence shows that CBD may be able to reduce the daily symptoms of addiction.

  • CBD is a scam.

Some people believe that CBD is a scam; however, that’s because CBD is such a new topic and most people don’t know about it yet. Some may say CBD is a scam because they’ve tried it and it may have not worked for them, however, not all supplements will work for everyone, and that is because of our individual biochemistry. How someone reacts to CBD may be completely different to their neighbor, but that doesn’t mean that CBD doesn’t work. There are thousands of people and studies pointing to the benefits of CBD, all free to read on the internet. Not to mention, the FDA is constantly working to approve several CBD products.

  • CBD is illegal.

As of 2018, all hemp and hemp products—including CBD became legal because of the passing of the Farm Bill which was signed by President Donald Trump . Though individual states will have their own regulations and restrictions on CBD, CBD and its products are not illegal.

  • CBD can treat all ailments!

As much as we’d love for CBD to be the cure of all diseases, this simply isn’t the case. CBD shouldn’t be used as treatment for any serious diseases or chronic conditions; however, CBD has many benefits that may help with minor discomforts and troubles. LivingTree’s CBD is 100% organic and full of natural compounds to aid your needs!

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