You can enjoy CBD oil in many ways, in fact, more ways than you’d think. Yes, most people consume CBD with a few drops under the tongue or a few drops on a specific area, but there are creative ways to spice up your CBD daily routine such as cooking with CBD oil or adding CBD to fruit smoothies. As our lovely CBD fans innovate new and creative ways to enjoy CBD, where are a few creative ways to add CBD to your lifestyle.

Cooking With CBD!

It’s totally possible to cook anything with CBD, and we mean anything—steaks, chicken dishes, soups, salads…. you name it. CBD is extremely versatile; one super easy recipe that you can use in most of your cooking is CBD butter. Cooking meats in CBD butter will allow the meats to soak up all of the buttery flavor and seasonings you desire, while also absorbing the beneficial compounds of CBD. Additionally, CBD binds nicely to fats, so adding butter or margarine to your cooking will only allow you to take full advantage of CBD’s beneficial compounds.

Spa Day with CBD!

Sometimes our CBD customers need a miniature get-away from all of life’s stress and problems, which is why LivingTree has innovative CBD topicals that may help you achieve the dire relaxation you need. From our anointing CBD massage oils, CBD creams, and CBD serums, LivingTree has all the CBD spa-care necessities you need to treat yourself!

CBD Drinks!

We love our healthy, fruity drinks. Giving your smoothies some love by adding a few drops of CBD to your favorite fruity blend in the morning may be an excellent jump start to your day. No matter how stressful your mornings are, or if you really need some energy to keep you going, CBD pairs well with many different combinations of smoothie blends to keep you going throughout your day.


LivingTree loves when our CBD customers discover creative ways to enjoy our CBD products. Our CBD is 100% organic, tested in FDA-approved labs with FDA-approved tests. CBD should always be used as a supplementary aid and should not be used to treat chronic illnesses or conditions.

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