Just like any supplement, consistency is the key to seeing results from CBD. Some of our customers have seen results within the first night, while for others it took as long as a week of continuous use; it depends on how well your body absorbs CBD. Because CBD comes in various forms (gummies, oils, oral sprays, etc.) and dosages, it would be wise to first read the Supplements Facts label on the back of your CBD product.

Why Are you Taking CBD?

For many people, having a goal in mind helps them keep track of benefits and wellness. What are you looking to improve with CBD? Emotional Support? Arthritis? Better rest? We advise to do some research on how CBD will benefit you and keep track of your dosages and the improvements you feel while taking CBD.

How do I take Living Tree CBD products?

Many people start out with our CBD Oil 30ml/750mg and follow the dosage recommended on the Supplement Facts label for 4 – 6 weeks. After, they usually switch to a product that would better fit their lifestyle: Gummies, Soft Gels, Oral Spray or Topicals if they’re using CBD for pain relief. To take CBD oil, place a dropper-full of oil underneath your tongue and hold it for at least a minute before swallowing. To take CBD On the Go, we suggest gummies and soft gels, dosages will be on the label.

We suggest paying attention to your body while you take CBD products. If you notice you’re not seeing any results, make the decision to either change your CBD product or up the dosage. There is such a thing as taking too much CBD, so we advise talking to a health care professional before increasing your dosages.

What will I feel when I take CBD?

Even though THC and CBD are similar, CBD will never make you feel intoxicated or high. Since everyone is different, everyone feels differently when they take CBD, however, most people take CBD for its calming effects, while some people take to feel more focused. It really depends on how your body reacts to CBD, and the best way to figure that out is try it!

How long will it take CBD to work?

It depends on how your body reacts to CBD, so there really isn’t a solid answer to this question. For some, it may take their Endocannabinoid System to achieve homeostasis within the night of taking CBD, and for some, it may take the week. When taking CBD, we advise patience and consistency, for good things comes to those who wait!

The information provided above is not to be used for health or medical advice, but instead to educate and inform. Always consult a health provider or a physician if you have any questions about any medical conditions, deteriorated health, or health objectives.

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