CBD Oral Spray are just another convenient way to enjoy CBD. Just like CBD gummies and capsules, CBD Oral Spray are convenient for those who enjoy the “On-The-Go” lifestyle. Though CBD Oral Spray aren’t as popular as other CBD products, choosing LivingTree’s CBD Oral Spray are just as effective, and they even excel against other CBD products in certain criteria.

What’s so special about LivingTree’s CBD Oral Spray?

For those who haven’t tried LivingTree’s Oral Spray, you’re surely missing out. Not only are they exceptionally refreshing, but CBD Oral Spray excel far greater at bioavailability than Oil-based CBD products. Oil and water will never mix; our bodies are made up of 50-70% water and when we consume oil products, our body only absorbs 4% of it’s nutrients, while excreting the remaining 96% (though this isn’t a problem for LivingTree for our CBD is water-soluble, it may be an issue for other companies who sell traditional CBD). CBD Oral Spray minimizes this waste of CBD for they are water-soluble, so our bodies may absorb up to 80% of CBD consumed. When more CBD enters our bodies, we may see more health benefits and improved overall health wellness.

Different Types of Oral Spray.

Not only do LivingTree’s Oral Spray come in different flavors, they’re also different spray for different needs. LivingTree currently has CBD Spray that may help with sleep, stress and energy. Each CBD Oral Mist is filled with organic CBD that will never get you high. With simply 2-3 sprays 3 times a day, our CBD Spray is enough to keep you throughout the day, keep you stress free, or give you the rest you deserve. LivingTree prioritizes best in class research and development ensuring that our products are always at the highest quality for our customers.


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