About Us 

Quality is LivingTree’s #1 priority. We know that what we do makes a difference, which is why we work every day to test our CBD products multiple times in FDA-approved labs. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, LivingTree dedicates itself to taking CBD to the next level, while also committing to quality and care. Our CBD products are always made with 100% CBD, 0.3% THC or less, and 100% Love from the LivingTree Family. 


What makes us different? 

We do what we love. We offer high-quality products to our customers that may improve overall health and wellnessWe aim to take CBD to the next level, which is why LivingTree’s hemp products are heavily scrutinized for quality and affordability. Every day, we work harder than the last to have the best CBD products on the market. We strive to educate new CBD userscirculate new scientific information about CBD and tackle common misconceptions that surround CBD oil and its uses.  

LivingTree’s CBD.  

CBD is naturally found in hemp plants. CBD is often consumed or used as a topical, once extracted from the hemp plant and infused in a wide variety of products. Living Tree’s CBD comes in various forms: gummies, capsules, sprays, topicals, and even pet treats, so our customers can take CBD whenever they want, however, they want.  

And don’t worry, LivingTree’s CBD will never get you high. Our CBD only contains up to 0.3% THC, which is not enough to alter your senses.  

Our Mission

Living Tree’s mission is to help people; it’s as simple as that. We care about our potential Living Tree family members (– that’s YOU!) and we want to offer the best possible experience with CBD if you are seasoned or brand new to Living Tree.  We want to share with the world how beneficial CBD can be. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that LivingTree’s CBD is in line with FDA compliance; by testing our CBD multiple times with FDA-approved tests in FDA-approved labs, we ensure that our CBD is completely safe and full of benefits for our customers to enjoy.

Whether it be CBD education or our CBD products, we are dedicated to letting the world know about the benefits of CBD. Living Tree will always offer high-quality CBD and we are committed to being your reliable source for high-quality, bioavailable CBD.

Please note that Living Tree’s CBD should not be used to treat chronic diseases, ailments or conditions, but instead can be used as a supplementary aid for minor discomforts and uneasiness.