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LivingTree Press Release 4.29.2020 


LivingTree Botanicals Celebrates the Opening of its CBD Ecommerce Store.

ATLANTA, GA— April 29, 2020— Living Tree Botanicals is pleased to announce the launch of its CBD Ecommerce store. Planning on launching on May 2nd, Living Tree Botanicals will specialize in selling a wide variety of CBD products.

CBD is a molecule found in hemp plants that is getting a lot of attention for its potential benefits and uses, without altering the brain’s perception, cognition or overall state. CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, which is then infused into a variety of products such as oils, gummies, lotions, soft gels and even pet treats.

The founders of LivingTree Botanicals, Christa West and Jim Prince, have great a wealth of experience when it comes to building and owning new businesses. Thanks to their vast knowledge of the CBD world and their impeccable partnership, they’ve worked together to launch their CBD Ecommerce store, Living Tree Botanicals. Excited for the launch of their new store, Christa West exclaims, “I’m so looking forward to take CBD and its products to the next level. We’re aware of the stigma that surrounds CBD. My team and I are ready to work together to educate old and new CBD users, while also break down all misconceptions about CBD within our nation.”

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About Living Tree Botanicals

Living Tree Botanicals is a CBD ecommerce store that sells a variety of CBD oil and its products. Its founders, Christa West and James Prince, aim to take CBD to the next level by selling high-quality CBD products while also inform the public about the advances on CBD research and studies.